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Veterinary Receptionist Week:

Origin & Contact Info

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I began celebrating Veterinary Receptionist Week in 2007 while working at VCA McClave Animal Hospital in Reseda, California. I decided to share the traditional "Secretaries Week" since it lands nearly six months from Veterinary Technician Week. I later worked at Veterinary Cancer Group where we started spreading word of this awesome week. By the year 2020, thousands of animals hospitals or more were featuring Veterinary Receptionist Week on their websites and social media pages.


I began working in veterinary medicine as a receptionist at the age of 18. I went on to assist with patients and, later, manage the practices mentioned above. Throughout my years, front desk staffs have remained the apple of my eye. Veterinary receptionists are generally very hard-working and often absorb much of the stress that enters a facility. I'd love for the people that act as the glue for pet health care teams everywhere to have time set aside that puts them in the spotlight.

Please feel free to share, copy, edit anything you find on this website. Remember to say "Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week" to those working at veterinary facilities during the last full week of April each year.

Emailed ideas or thoughts are very welcome. If you'd like to submit a photo or a brief thought for possible share on this website or one of its social media pages, please submit via email address below.

~Ethel ❃

Ethel Ava Pawlak
Los Angeles, Ca

818) 481-4752

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