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Why We Celebrate

Receptionists are a pet family's first & last point of contact during veterinary visits. The communication & care they provide is invaluable. Veterinary receptionists often act as channels for information flow between clients, veterinarians and technical staff.

Years ago working at the front desk in an animal hospital may have been considered a stepping stone to another job in the veterinary field. Though that is still the case for some today, others find veterinary reception to be their career of choice. An animal hospital that can boast a loyal, hard-working, compassionate receptionist who has been with the company for years is sure a fortunate one. A person like this will often play a big part in why clients return year after year, sometimes pet after pet.

The ability to really 'make a difference' in the life of a pet is astounding for those who hold this position. Pet owners often confide things in veterinary receptionists that they do not feel comfortable sharing with other medical staff. Being on the 'front lines' also gives veterinary receptionists a unique stage from which to advocate for good pet health and well-being.

Sharing the celebration time of the traditional Secretaries Week (Administrative Professionals Week), we hereby designate the last full week of April each year as Veterinary Receptionist Week. This is a special time to celebrate client service representatives at animal hospitals & other veterinary facilities.


Many are familiar with & celebrate the superb Veterinary Technician Week during the third week of October each year. We feel it is important to have time set aside for the other portion of veterinary support staff... the receptionists. We see this also as a time to foster strong bonds between the various departments in veterinary offices as it allows for a happy balance to Vet Tech Week.

Be sure to say "Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week" during the last full week of April each year. Let's show these vital team members how much they are appreciated!

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